A Strong Team – High Performance Products

„Made in Germany“

The ultimate aims of our quality policy are to achieve and maintain customer satisfaction and continous improvement. To be a manufacturing and simultaneously service providing company means for us, to harmonize all the performances we provide with the special requirements of our customers.
We rely on a partnership with our customers, which is based on trust and frankness. These are the grass roots to guarantee, that their individual requirements and needs are completely understood and implemented quickly and reliably to achieve the best possible performance. That starts from the initial contact and ends in a long-term customer support.

With creativity and innovation in new developments we are able to guarantee continous improvement. Our company-owned CNC manufacturing guarantees a quick and reliable implementation of new developments.

High-quality products are essential in flow rate measurement technology. Therefore only high quality materials will be professionally processed for our products.

Our employees are the driving force of our company. Therefore the promotion of autonomous acting, self-responsibility and professional competence of our empolyees are our special concern regarding the development of quality awareness and the continous enhacement of our quality management system.

Development, manufacture, marketing and customer service at the same location guarantee short development- and production time.
Your requirements and whishes are our motor and to meet your demands at your full satisfaction is our primary company goal.